Lets start the commission process


Ready to enquire about a commission? Send me a message via this form, with as many details as you are happy to provide (eg: Deadline, Budget, Type of commission, etc.)  and I will aim to get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further!

If you have a design or moodboard already in mind, drop a link in the textbox with your message.

I can't wait to hear from you!

How to Commission an Outfit

Looking for a costume designer, costume maker or LARP commissioner?  Commissioning consists of five steps to make sure you get the outfit you want!

  1. Design - After filling in the form on this page, I shall contact you to have a discussion on what you are looking for in an outfit, details, colours, materials, etc.  and I will work on a design to your specifications with material suggestions. (A design costs £45, with £25 per significant adjustment - please note, the final design may differ slightly from the original concept design).

  2. Quote - Once the design is confirmed I will need your measurements to determine material costs. Once gathered, I will go and sort out an estimated quote for the commission. (The quote is worked out via material costs, complexity of the outfit and additional details, the final price may deviate slightly from the original quote).

  3. Deposit - I charge a non-refundable deposit for the cost of materials which must be paid in full to confirm your commission. The deposit will be used to purchase the materials for your commission.

  4. Making Time - Once I begin work on your commission I will aim to upload regular updates of the making process both privately to you and to my Facebook Page so you may keep an eye on the outfit progress.

  5. Completion - Once the outfit is complete I will send you the final cost of the commission which can be paid in full or via payment plan, which can be discussed. Once the outfit is paid in full I will post the outfit to you and the commission is complete!

Thanks for submitting!

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